daily bus service

Please remember that our terms and conditions are created for the safety of our passengers, employees, others, and equipment.

It should read: By purchasing a ticket or accepting passage with Aurora Charter Service , you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

A. In consideration for receiving permission to participate with Aurora Charter Service , I HEREBY RELEASE,

WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Aurora Charter Service and their officers, agents,

servants, or employees (hereinafter referred to as RELEASES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions

and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may

be sustained by me and/or other family members that are using the transportation service, or any of the property

belonging to me and/or other family members that are using the transportation service WHETHER CAUSED BY

THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASES OR OTHERWISE, while participating in such activity, or while in, on

or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted.

B. I am fully aware of the unusual risks involved and hazards connected with this activity, including but not limited to

travel risks and/or road hazards. I hereby elect to VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATE in said activity with full

knowledge that said activity may be hazardous to me and my property. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL


INCLUDING DEATH that may be sustained by me, or any loss or damage of property owned by me, as a result of



C. I further hereby AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASES from any loss, liability,

damage or costs, including court costs and lawyer fees that they may incur due to my participation in said activity,


D. It is my express intent that this Agreement shall bind the members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my

heirs, assigns and personal representative, if I am deceased, and shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVER,


A. Service Rates, Deposits, Reservations And Cancellation Policy

I. Aurora Charter Service Calculates Rates And Bills In Canadian Dollars, Daily Bus Services Are Reserved By Purchasing

A Ticket For A Specific Date And Time.

Ii. Full Payment Is Due At The Time Of Purchase.

Iii. Aurora Charter Service Does Not Issue Refunds For Purchased Tickets. Purchased Tickets Can Be Rescheduled By

Phone Upto 24 Hours Before Departure. There Will Be No Refund And No Rescheduling For No Shows, Or

Missed Buses.

Iv. Aurora Charter Service Cannot Guarantee The Time Of Arrival At The Meeting Point Or

Destination, As It May Be Affected By Occurrences That Are Out Of Our Control,


Such As: Traffic, Road And Weather Conditions. In Case Of Late Arrivals Caused By

Such Factors, There Will Be No Refunding.

B. Drugs And Alcohol Policy

I. No Illegal Drugs Can Be Carried Or Used In Aurora Charter Service Vehicles. If Any Illegal

Activity Takes Place Inside The Vehicle, The Aurora Charter Service Driver May Terminate The Trip With No Refunds And

Has The Obligation To Call The Police.

Ii. Smoking & Vaping Is Strictly Prohibited In Our Vehicles. Failure To Comply Will Result In

Immediate Expulsion From The Vehicle At The Next Available Stop. No Refunds Will Be Issued.

Iii. No Drinking Or Possession Of Alcohol Is Permitted. In Case This Occurs, The Aurora Charter

Service Driver May Terminate The Trip With No Refunds And The Passengers Will Be Dropped Off In A Safe Location.

Iv. Any Person Arriving In An Intoxicated Condition Shall Not Be Allowed Inside The

Vehicle And Shall Be Excluded From Travel With No Refunds.

C. Personal Items And Damage Fees

I. During The Bus Ride, It Is The Passenger’s Full Responsibility To Take Care Of Their Belongings. Please Be Sure To Gather

All Your Belongings At The End Of The Ride. However, For Any Lost And Found Items, Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us. We

Are Not Responsible For Any Stolen Or Missing Personal Items.

Ii. Liability For Any Damages To The Vehicle, Which Are Caused By The Passenger(s), Will Be The Sole Responsibility Of The


D. Miscellaneous

I. Aurora Charter Service Reserves The Right, At Its Sole Discretion, To Change, Modify, Add Or Remove Any Portion Of

This Agreement In Whole Or In Part, At Any Time, Without Prior Notice. Changes To These Terms And Conditions Will Be

Effective When Notice Of Such Change Is Posted.

Ii. This Agreement Shall Be Binding Upon The Participant As Well As The Participant’s Spouse, Children, Parents,

Guardians, Heirs, Next Of Kin, And Any Legal Or Personal Representatives, Executors, Administrators, Successors And

Assigns Or Anyone Else Who Might Claim Or Sue Upon The Participant’s Behalf.

Iii. Passengers 12 Years Of Age And Younger Must Be Accompanied By A Parent/guardian. Passengers 13 To 14 Years Of

Age Unaccompanied By A Parent/guardian Must Have Written Permission From A Parent/guardian And The Same

Parent/guardian Must Accompany The Minor To The Departure Destination, Present Photo Id For Themselves And The

Minor And Sign The Permission Form. The Permission Form Must Also Include The Name Of The Person Receiving The

Minor Upon Arrival At The Destination And That Person Will Be Expected To Present Photo Id To The Driver When

Collecting The Minor.

Iv. All Children Who Require Child Safety Seats In Accordance With Current Provincial Safety Laws Will Not Be Permitted

To Travel In The Absence Of The Appropriate Seats. Provision Of Any Necessary Child Safety Seats Is The Sole

Responsibility Of The Passenger(s). Aurora Charter Service Does Not Provide Child Safety Seats To Passengers.

V. There Is A Zero Tolerance For Any Physical Or Verbal Abuse To The Driver Or Other

Passengers. Any Such Behaviour May Result In The Aurora Charter Service Driver Terminating The Trip Without

Refund And May Be Obligated To Call The Police.

Vi. This Agreement Shall Be Construed In Accordance With The Laws Of The Province Of Saskatchewan.

By Purchasing A Ticket With Aurora Charter Service Or Accepting Passage On An

Aurora Charter Service Bus For Any Reason You Automatically Agree To And Are

Bound By The Terms And Conditions Of This Stated Service Agreement And Release.